Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Evaluation Activity 3

Evaluation Activity 1 Section B

Activity 1 Question B

1) A shot that shows a link between the lyrics and/ or music and visuals

This is a shot from Katy Perry's music video 'fireworks', there is a clear link with the lyrics and visuals as when she sings "baby your a firework" we immediately get a shot of fireworks shooting out of her.

2) A shot that typifies the way a record company would want their artist to be represented.

This shot is of Lady Gaga coming out of a pool in her video 'poker face.' The video was one of Gaga's first therefore the shot of her illustrates the unique way in which the record company decided to represent her.

3) A shot that illustrates how a video uses music genre

Lil Wayne is known for his amazing lyrics and rapping skills, this shot emphasises his music genre; rap, as he is surrounded by women in a limo which also shows his power and wealth. He also has a 'thuggish' look which also helps to identify his genre of music.

4) A shot that shows intertextual reference

This shot of Twiggy has intertextual reference as one of the bandmates our video is made to look like Twiggy, we felt this had a good connection with our music.

5) A shot that demonstrates use of camera

Shot 5 is from Lady Gaga's recent music video called 'Born this way.' The camera is filming from a birds eye view angle. This is a good camera technique as it captures all the bodies in this scene which also adds an effect t the video and changes it from th typical close up shots.

6) A shot that demonstrates use of lighting

This shot is Lady Gaga again from her 'Born this way' video. As most of the video is dark, this shot has excellent use of lighting as we are able to see her face clearly in full colour, which also adds to her star image.

7) A shot that demonstarte the use of mise-en-scene

Also taken from Gaga's video 'Born this way' this shot justifies the use of mise-en-scene as her and the actor are made to look like walking skeletons. The use of make-up helps to create the image but the costume takes away Gaga's 'girly' side as a gender of a skeleton cannot be recognised easily.

8 & 9) Two shots which you feel demonstrate something which shows you have watched other music videos

Shot 8 is taken from Britney Spears video 'Oops I did it again'. The close-up shot is typical of a pop video, it enables the consumers to easily recognise the artist as a star image is created.

Shot 9 is from Nicki Minaj's music video 'Moment for life' again there is a close up shot of the artist but this particular shot creates a link between the lyrics and visuals as wel as music. The music sounds similar to a  Disney princess film which connects with the way Nicki Minaj looks as she looks like a princess and sings "I wish I could have this moment for life" this being in regards to her bing a princess.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Activity 1
1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e Music videos)

1) A shot that shows a link between lyrics and/ or music and visuals

This shot shows a link between the lyrics and visuals as it is a reference to the very first 2 lines of the song which are "Fashion is the only cure ,It always leaves you wanting more." As the opening sequence of my music videos continues there are more shots of the girl walking down in different fun and colourful outfits.

2) A shot that typifies the way a record company would want their artists to be represented.

This is a close up shot of one of the band members this is something that the record company would ask for as it creates an identity for the artist which leads onto star image. The shot of the band member singing into a hair brush with clothes hanging in the background emphasises the age group and genre that the band is appealing too.

3) A shot that illustrates how your  video uses music genre

This close up of the whole band together is something that is consistent in every pop video, therefore I decided to incorporate this into my music video as it creates a star image that consumers can recognise. As like every pop video, star image is key and therefore the way the artists look is very important, this is easily established by using close up shots.

4) A shot that shows an intertextual reference

This shot was inspired by Twiggy who was a fashion mogule as well as an actress and singer. As the song is about fashion I felt that by using Twiggy as an intertextual reference emphasises the lyrics as she is best known for her modelling and fashion choice.

5) A shot that demonstates your use of camera

This is a long distance shot that we decided to use as we were able to film the whole outfit as well as the bandmate walking towards the camera. By using this shot it allows the audience to see the bandmate from a distance and feel more of a relationship with the artist when she finally walks towards the camera as if she was walking to them. For our other shots we decided film whilst having the camera on the ground as we were able to get clear shots of the shoes whilst the bandmate is walking.

6) A shot that illustrates your use of lighting

This shot shows the use of natural lighting as the greenery adds to the shot making the walk stand out more. Also as the artist is dressed in black, we are able to see what she is wearing more clearly.

7)  A shot that demonstrates your use of mise-en-scene

This show clearly emphasises the use of mise-en-scene as the whole song and music video is about fashion, we decided to film in a 'typica' girly bedroom whilst one of the artists throws clothes out of her wardrobe. By throwing out the clothes it creates a messy room which also is streotypical for when a girl is getting ready or trying to find an outfit to wear.

8 & 9) Two shots which you feel demonstrate something which shows you have watched other music videos.

This shot illustartes that I have looked at other relating pop videos as it is a close up of one of the bandmates.

This still was encouraged by one of the Rogue Traders other songs called 'Voodoo Child' although they use different lips singing the song, I decided to use jewellery in order to emphasise the lyrics of the song as well as the music.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Possible fonts for album cover and magazine advert

When choosing the font for my album cover and magazine advert I wanted something which was unique but girly and was noticeable easily. I decided to ask people in my classses which font they thought was more suitale for the genre of music and the song. Using the feedback I have recieved I decided to use te same font as i did for my band name as the font for the album cover and also the magazne advert. This will help consumers notice the band easier and also it will tie all the products together.

Back Cover

This is the back cover of the album, again i decided to use red in order to tie in with the whole colour scheme. I decided to keep the back simple and readable as it has the songs which feature on the album. I used images of the shoes which feature in the video of 'fashion' as this is the bands debut song it will be easily recognised and noticable.

Front Cover

This is the front cover of my album. Using the feedback i recieved i decided to use these two images at the front of the album. I also chose to repeat the bands name in the background and also featured the album name in the middle. I thought by using the green for 'Envious Eyes' will help tie in with the name of the album. I decided to use a red background to tie in with the bands name and kept the name simple with black and white in order for it not to be over the top.

Inside left

This is the inside left of my album. I decided to make it stand out with colours and the repetition of the bands website in order to catch the eye and make it stand out.